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Media Coverage & Public Relations:
Get Media Placements

Media coverage and public relations can make all the difference to a small or medium-sized company. While it may be challenging to initially break through all the noise fed to media outlets, media placements in prestigious publications, whether printed or online, will certainly help a company better reach its target markets.

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Beyond having the appropriate “spin” on a topic, it is advised to send material out to editors in a format and style that they would feel comfortable publishing. In this regard, the writing format can make or break a media placement.

Let Direct Objective find the right “spin” for your story, develop public relations, and secure quality media coverage and industry articles for your company!


“Placing us in trade magazines enabled Callio to receive international exposure and most of all develop a trustworthy brand.”

René St-Germain, Former CEO, Callio Technologies (Now at Certi-Trust)