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Direct Objective Consulting is a sustainable marketing agency that strives to meet the highest ecological standards. We continuously make efforts to minimize our negative impact on the environment, whether it be within our local community, society, and economy, or on the larger global scale. We believe every little action counts.

Ways in which we reduce our impact on the environment:

    • We limit our printing and prefer to use digital formats to communicate with clients, suppliers, and potential customers
    • All invoicing is done in a digital manner and we encourage our suppliers to do the same
    • We encourage our clients to pay electronically, reducing the need for paper mail and cheques
    • We recycle whatever is supported by the city
    • Confidential paper material is always shredded first and then placed in the recycle bin
    • Data from old electronic equipment is erased and then handed to a special service to recycle or refurbish the electronics
    • We collect compost and, though our building is currently ill-equipped to handle it, we transfer it to the city’s residential compost service
    • Employees are encouraged to use public transportation. All of the company’s owned vehicles are hybrid
    • All cleaning materials are biodegradable
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We are proud of our company’s environmental standards that are the foundations of modern sustainable businesses. Technology has given us the means to conduct waste-free marketing that helps to reduce the carbon footprint of society, and that choice is in our collective hands.

Contact Direct Objective to suggest new best practices that would assist us in protecting our environment.


“Gil is an inspiring leader and manager that knows exactly what to do to motivate his team, and at the same time leave enough room for creativity and self development of his people.”

Rami Halfone, Former Director of Operations at DietWatch