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Make Customer Retention and Loyalty a Reality

Organizations are always looking for more clients, but customer retention is equally important for driving sales.


B2B marketing, in particular, has a longer sales process and therefore higher initial acquisition costs, which means acquiring new prospects comes at a steeper price. Ensuring customer loyalty will secure revenue and can present new sales opportunities. Take for example, a study conducted by Bain & Company, which found that a 5% increase in the customer-retention rate can result in a 25%-to-95% increase in profits for businesses in the financial sector.

Investing in customer retention can be very profitable. Building a positive customer experience is an opportunity to keep your clients engaged and motivated to buy additional solutions that they might not have considered at first. Employing cross-selling and upselling tactics can also drive additional sales, and remember, a satisfied customer also contributes by giving positive referrals that will bring fresh prospects to your company.


Our Methodology

Here is the process that Direct Objective suggests for increasing client loyalty:


Customized Approach

Direct Objective Consulting has many tricks up its sleeve to ensure optimal client retention for your business. We use a wide array of strategies to create a positive client experience on behalf of your organization: 

    • Ensure delivery of proposed benefits
    • Make sure your customer service is resolving issues in a timely manner
    • Segment your clients and offer them various development paths
    • Constantly assess the level of customer satisfaction 
    • Continue to educate your clients about your offering evolution and its ongoing value
    • Showcase your customer success
    • Reward clients for loyalty and illustrate disincentives to leave
    • We recognize there is a 20-40% chance of getting a former customer back, if you try at all. Consequently, we do not hesitate to win back a client
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Direct Objective’s expertise allows clients to conduct a positive transformation in the customer experience for their client base.

Contact us now so we can plan a customized loyalty approach designed to increase your customer retention, personalize new experiences, and secure customer loyalty for your business.


“I have had the privilege of working with Gil during my time in MTS. I view Gil as a highly talented and goal oriented individual that manages his responsibilities in the best possible manner. Gil was higly appreciated both by customers, for his professional approach, and internally in the company for his team work approach.”

Aviv Amiri, Former Sales Director, MTS