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Marketing Consulting:
B2B Marketing Agency and Lead Generation Services

B2B marketing agency is a one-stop shop offering a range of services from marketing consulting strategy, demand generation, all the way through to international B2B lead generation services. 


Our agency services are geared towards the acquisition of new prospective clients. As a marketing communication consulting firm, Direct Objective works for technology and large service organizations to

    • set B2B marketing strategies, and
    • execute successful B2B lead generation campaigns

Marketing Consulting Services

The Direct Objective Consulting approach is similar to SiriusDecisions’ Demand Unit Waterfall™. Here are the Direct Objective Consulting services throughout the demand and lead generation process:

Direct Objective strives to create a constant demand for your products and services. Using B2B lead generation marketing campaigns, Direct Objective is determined to maximize your marketing ROI by choosing methods that better work for your solution and ensure an increased flow of potential clients to fill up the sales pipelines of your organization. Direct Objective remains committed to providing practical, creative, coordinated, and effective service to clients at all times.

Above all, Direct Objective Consulting aims to build strong, long-term relationships with every client, providing them support and assisting them to grow from small-medium enterprises to large, successful, and visible companies.

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The above-mentioned marketing consulting and lead generation services are how our B2B marketing agency accompanies organizations in their quest to grow.

Contact us today and allow us to look at your specific marketing challenges and suggest how we can assist you specifically.


“Gil provided us strategic marketing consulting services and he proved that he was able to master two distinct elements that few marketers have: visionary strategic thinking with great creativity. We were greatly impressed by his services and I strongly recommend him.”

Eric Lachapelle, CEO, PECB