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What Does Demand Generation Mean?

Demand generation seeks to promote interest in new prospects that have little to no notion of what you can offer them.


The main goal is to educate market segments on the existence of a solution and how it directly benefits them. The efficiency of the B2B demand generation process can be judged and quantified by the amount of awareness and interest that it draws.

Before you begin this process, you must choose what would be the best demand generation marketing strategy for your case. Next, we engage potential customers. This process requires you to first determine who these customers are, what it is that they want and need, and what is most likely to drive them to your offer.


Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation

Demand generation is often confused with lead generation. In fact, these are complementary phases. Demand generation takes a blank canvas and paints a picture with the aim to increase interest in a certain solution for a specific audience. It stimulates the appetite, if you will.

B2B lead generation is then geared toward acquiring qualified contacts who already have some understanding of what your organization does and may find your offer somewhat attractive for them to use. Once an initial level of trust or awareness in your brand has been established, these individuals are better positioned to explore your solution.​


What Are the Benefits of a Demand Generation Program?


How Direct Objective Efficiently Generates Demand

Direct Objective Consulting uses these four demand generation strategies to engage new prospects:

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Direct Objective has a proven track record when it comes to executing demand generation marketing strategies for clients. The logic and structure behind the above strategies have proven to be very effective and applicable across various types of businesses and organizations.

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“Always looking to create more creative and efficient campaigns, Direct Objective measures everything and works with us step-by-step to reach our marketing goals. They increased our Web presence, which gave the company a prominent profile and secured new leads for us.”

Jaspal S. Rangi, Owner & Chief Designer at Monsoon Corporate Gifts