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Background on Email Newsletter Marketing Effectiveness

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In my last blog, I talked about the difference between blog marketing and email newsletter marketing. While blogs are pretty straightforward once you get the hang of content, it’s worth revisiting the topic of html newsletters. Newsletters require a mailing list, an attractive design, and a good marketing automation application for mass emailing. Unlike blogs, you have the ability to review in-depth statistical information from the recipients of your newsletters. An automation tool will tell you how many people opened the newsletter, how many clicked on the newsletter links, which links they clicked on, and how many unsubscribed from the mailing list. This is all very valuable information, which can be used to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Knowing who opened your last email newsletter, for instance, may prompt you to send a follow-up newsletter campaign to those interested recipients. Or, if only a few recipients opened the newsletter, you may choose to modify the subject line next time. If one of your links garnered more clicks than another, that will indicate where to invest your resources for later newsletters.

Newsletter marketing requires quality contact email lists. You can build lists from lead generation campaigns, but they must be kept up-current. It helps to personalize newsletters with dynamic content—for instance, an email can be coded to address itself to individual recipients. Rather than having a generic campaign, each newsletter will be tailored to each recipient. This kind of practice increases response rates and improves the success of each email campaign.

It’s important not to over-send email newsletters or campaigns as this can irritate recipients. In keeping with this line of thinking, it’s best to keep newsletters brief and save the content for your business blog instead. You’ll see more recipients clicking the links in your newsletter if they don’t have to wade through excessive content to find it.

Successful newsletters require commitment and patience, but they are proven to yield results. Email campaigns will increase traffic to your website and blog. They will increase awareness, offer an avenue for branding and promotion, and are a good way to stay on the radar of prospects.

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