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Blog Writing: Is Your Company Up-to-speed?

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We all know the value of a business blog writing, but do we all take advantage of it? In a recent study about the State of Inbound Marketing, marketing software company HubSpot reported 57% of businesses using company blogs have acquired a customer from a blog-generated lead; an increase of 11% since 2010. Further, corporate blogs were ranked by 55% of the respondents as the lowest inbound marketing tactic to result in “below average cost per lead” (see figure below).

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When it comes to marketing, there’s no question that business blogging is effective. It drives clients to corporate Websites and companies gain new customers from blog-generated leads. These days, blogs, along with other social media tactics, can play a crucial role in your company’s online presence.

Despite this, company blogs are only effective when they’re updated regularly. Business blogs provide real value to readers through authentic content, which means consistently updating your company blog is as important as ever.

HubSpot’s study reveals most company blogs publish at least monthly, if not weekly. Unfortunately, most businesses lack the time and resources for regular business blogging. This is where Direct Objective can help.

By meeting with the Direct Objective staff once a month to define blog goals, companies can reap the benefits of blogging,  while freeing themselves from the task of actually writing it.

Together we can explore blog ideas, ensure blog posts respect company guidelines, customize the blog to be SEO-friendly, and most importantly, attract new prospects.

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Does your company blog need updating? Consult with us to see how we can help with blog writing.


“Ranking our Web site high on search engines results, designing a professional Web site look and developing engaging relevant content for a heavy technology company like us resulted in a dramatic increase in client leads that we receive from our Web site.”

Simon Robin CEO, Hardent