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Five Simple Tips to Guide Your B2B Marketing During the COVID-19 Crisis​

B2B Marketing in COVID-19 period

While life is halted and most companies have decreased their operations to a minimum by sending their employees home, it seems that this period will not be a short one. Our clients ask us what we can do to ensure their survival. We suggest five simple tips during these difficult times:

    1. Look for ways to help – This is not a time for selling – it is a time to join forces and help each other. It might not affect your company immediately but your employees, your community, and your clients will remember your efforts when the crisis is over. 
    2. Make sure you are being found – As the business community sits at home, the Internet is the dominant tool to search for information and solutions; thus, we encourage you to improve your search engine optimization. This way, customers seeking your product/services will be able to find you.
    3. Stop non-essential marketing activities and refocus – Define what marketing activities still yield results and place a temporary hold on those that fall on deaf ears. Remember, much research has been conducted on business behaviour in slowdown times and it all indicates how companies that did not stop 100% of their marketing activities performed dramatically better (after the crisis) than companies that halted all of theirs. 
    4. Stay relevant and sensitive to your audience – If you have something to say that relates to the current situation, say it! Develop relevant and useful content that potential clients will appreciate reading that might assist them during this crisis. After all, they have tons of time to spend at home.
    5. Invest moderately in your digital channels – This is the time to make sure your social channels are up-to-speed. Why not organize free webinars on important matters for your clients, conduct live broadcasts, or record brief, useful videos for distribution?
 We hope to overcome this period quickly and safely. Maintain physical isolation and be well!
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