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What's Special This Coming September?

Market slowdown

If this September is anything like the last one, a lot of organizations are going to be ramping up their B2B marketing efforts. Last year, when the end of summer came around, the search volume for business-to-business marketing in the United States started to increase, reaching its apex near the end of September. Canada saw similar results, as demonstrated in the charts below.

Google Search for b2b ca en
Google Search for b2b ca en

The summer months, in comparison, are much more relaxed. Many people take their vacations and delay major B2B marketing projects until the fall. This means the competition is lower during the summer season. But, when September comes around, what are you going to do to stay ahead?


The Slowdown and Marketing Strategy

The economy has experienced another slowdown this summer, but does that mean it is time to halt your B2B marketing? Make no mistake, this time it will be most challenging for the companies that target federal clients. Private businesses have mostly recovered since the last economic crisis. A good indication of this is a recent report by Gartner, Quarterly IT Spending Forecast July 2011, which claims that despite the current global economic climate, IT spending forecast has been revised up from 5.6% to 7.1% quarter over quarter. That means it is unwise to cut back on B2B marketing, instead adopting an aggressive marketing strategy to get ahead.

Similarly, a report published a few years ago by BMO Financial Group investigated how Canadian businesses were affected by the global economic recession. It indicated that the most successful and least impacted organizations all had a few things in common: they were always seeking to expand into new and unknown markets, they were refocusing their customer bases and getting rid of non-core business, and they were not afraid to forego the familiar and instead embraced the risks that can ultimately lead to further success.

Take your cue and use these times to go on the offensive. Ramp up your B2B marketing, introduce new products, and  invest effort into reminding your customers that you’re still there and of course your value. By taking a weaker economy head-on, not only can you plow through the tough times, but you are ideally poised for rapid growth the moment there is an upswing.

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This coming September, your competitors might be considering all of the above, which means you should too! Don’t fall behind, call Direct Objective to grow your customer base and expand into less familiar B2B marketing tactics or strategies.


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