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Top 3 Tactics to Turn Your Website Into an Online Lead Generation Machine

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Websites have advanced significantlycome a long way from the online brochures they once were. Beginning as catalogues, websites quickly evolved into information and knowledge providers. Savvy business owners then began creating e-commerce sites. Social media giants took it a step further by using websites as communication and community building tools. While websites continue to develop over time, one common theme remains consistent: the use of websites to further online lead generation and create demand.

Nowadays, although having a website is an essential part of your business’s marketing efforts, client leads should be the ultimate goal of your cyber endeavours. After all, there’s no better way to reach out to potential clients than by having a website that impresses visitors at first glance. Chances are, you’re already investing in your website’s design and the necessary technology to keep it up-to-date. Although these are essential elements of a good website, they won’t further B2B lead generation on their own.

Read on to learn more about the three main tactics that contribute to increasing leads for your business:


Make Your Website Easy to Find Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Through a targeted SEO strategy, your website will benefit from a higher ranking on search engines like Google and will receive more attention (i.e., visits, reads & clicks). Some of these clicks will turn into leads which is why, though it is a complex process, establishing a successful SEO strategy is absolutely essential. Start by choosing the ideal keywords for your business. Once you’ve picked your keywords, infuse them naturally into your content. Don’t sweat it if you don’t see results immediately, as it sometimes takes several weeks or months for websites to rank high on search engines.


Engage Your Audience With a Focused, Relevant Message Which Provides Value

Prospective clients will spend more time on a website that is informative and relevant to their needs. If you have a focused positioning message that flows well and is engaging for your audience, your website will achieve a higher ranking. Through this increased visibility, your site will attract and convert additional traffic into business inquiries and leads. When creating content for your website, ask yourself what potential clients want to know about your solution and explain it to them in a clear manner. Once prospective customers have reached your website, if they find the content to be well-written and well-structured, chances are you will see a surge in your lead generation (i.e., inquiries).


Improve Your Online B2B Lead Generation With Authentic Content

One thing search engines love is authentic content and, if search engines are happy, this means that your website is far more likely to attract additional traffic and generate new leads. Show potential clients that your products and services stand out from your competitors’ by offering something innovative when they click through your pages. Use catchy headlines, well-written, original text, and offer a fresh perspective on industry trends and challenges. Unique content isn’t limited to the website’s text – it also includes the website’s design, videos, forums, podcasts, and infographics. A stylish, original design in-line with your company’s branding not only consolidates your business’s image but will enhance your visitors’ experience, ultimately building trust and increasing new client leads.

Once you have optimized your company’s website for the search engines by crafting a focused message and ensuring the content you display is authentic, you will be ready for increased visitor rates, daily relevant web inquiries, and more time spent on your site by potential clients. Attracting new prospective clients may take some restructuring of your website but it is well worth the effort.

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