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Outsource Marketing -
The Smarter and Proven Way

With just a little marketing guidance, companies with small or nonexistent marketing departments can thrive by relying on strong experience from an external source. If they outsource marketing activities to an experienced consulting firm, they can keep focused on what they do best, while allowing us to excel at what we do best.


Why Outsource Marketing?

Most small-medium enterprises struggle with limited resources for executing their marketing plan. In addition, it is hard to find experienced marketing professionals who can implement marketing tactics and gain immediate results. Sometimes, companies won’t designate a single person for marketing, or worse, burden salespeople with marketing work. In other cases, due to budgetary constraints, companies are bound to hire a junior marketing professional that does not have all the necessary local and international business experience to implement successful B2B marketing and lead generation campaigns.

These are some of the most typical questions companies raise:

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What's Your MarketingReadyTM Ranking?

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If you have any questions about outsourcing your marketing, contact Direct Objective today. We can suggest how to outsource marketing and get immediate results!


“Gil Gruber had launched a new line of products in BMC. These products were in direct competition with Computer Associates (CA) products. Back then CA controlled of the market. Using Gil’s sales strategy and sales tools, we managed to replace the most prominent data centers in the market and gained a stronghold. By 2000 in my market, these products penetrated into 50% of the market. In summary, Gil understands well complex sale cycles and knows how to provide the ultimate assistance that every sales person needs when he confronts the client or strong competition.”

Benny Tal, Founder and CEO, Benny Tal Marketing Software Solutions (1999) Ltd.