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Have no time for content writing? Lacking resources to develop bilingual content? Was your last blog posted several months ago?


Turn to copywriting services that can regularly deliver engaging and professional content that your company would be proud of.


What Are the Common Issues Found in Business Copywriting?

Good business copy has:


What Are the Elements of Good Business Marketing Copy?

The following best practices guide us when we create your new content. We:

    1. Research the topic in-depth to ensure the marketing copy is up-to-date and original. We check all other blogs, news sources, networks, and websites to see what is new with your topic and how your writeup can contribute to the discussion.
    2. Set an appropriate topic and angle for your content. For example, when we write on technical topics, which are primarily geared toward a technical audience, we use the proper technical vocabulary throughout the content. We are conscious of the fact that for less technical readers, we can create content with a completely different vocabulary.
    3. Aim to engage readers. Business marketing copy is about soft promotion. In order to create convincing content, we must know what people are interested in and deliver it.
    4. Keep the marketing angle of your content balanced with the tone. We want to promote your product or service, but we don’t want your content to sound transparent, insincere, or condescending.
    5. Carefully and consistently revise your content. Nothing looks more unprofessional than careless typos or business marketing copy that hasn’t been updated in years.
    6. Use simple language as much as possible. Professional writing provides a high caliber of writing, but never alienates readers with unnecessarily academic or inaccessible writing.
    7. Organize your copy and break the information down into logical bite-sized chunks. We provide guidance to the content structure so readers can easily find what they are looking for.
    8. Strive to be creative. Copywriting is all about original, tailored content made specifically for your company. We make your business marketing copy your own, and set it apart from everything else out there.
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“When the time came to update the content of our Website, we found that Direct Objective was able to quickly grasp our business and communicate our technical expertise in a comprehensive manner. The content of our site, both in French and in English, conveys a clear message. We were very pleased with the results and have worked with Direct Objective on multiple other projects since.”

Stephanie Boyard, Former Marketing Consultant, MSC Services (Now Moneris Solutions)