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Reaching Client Prospecting Conversion

Anyone with a phone has experienced unsolicited calls or “cold calling.” Such experiences might make us wonder: is telemarketing really effective? Individually, they aren’t as effective as they used to be. However, they have proven to be highly beneficial when integrated with other marketing campaigns.


Why Should I Use Telemarketing?

    • Book appointments or promote an event
    • Qualify leads: get immediate and straight answers
    • Speak with real people to understand the current status of prospective clients and what would help convert them to paying clients
    • Take some load off the sales team with telesales agents who can start the dialogue or even convert some ready clients

What Should I Expect From the Process?

    • Define how to approach phone recipients
    • Develop an interactive script to support agents
    • Train the team of agents allocated to the campaign
    • Set up the database and automate the telesales system
    • Run a prototype campaign to validate your strategy, script, and agent preparedness
    • Execute telephone campaigns to deliver results
    • Optimize and control the quality of calls and make improvements
    • Generate a monthly activities report

Why Work With Us?

    • Our team cares about your campaigns and gets personally involved in them
    • It is important for us to deliver. Your success is our success
    • We are transparent with our clients, conveying honest feedback for each campaign
    • You can start small and scale-up. Our team is designed to grow with you
    • We act as an extension of your organization and update you in real-time about the campaign as needed

Overall, telesales can still be an effective way to achieve customer prospecting, and Direct Objective has extensive experience planning and executing telephone-based campaigns.

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Do you have questions about telemarketing? Do you want to launch a campaign for client prospecting? Contact Direct Objective today! We will be happy to assist you!


“Working with Gil was an absolute pleasure: communications are clear & concise, delivery always on time and quality of the work was outstanding. I won’t hesitate using Gil’s services in the future.”

Jean Lou-Dupont, Former President, Data-Tester Inc.