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Account-Based Marketing:
How a Strong ABM Strategy Can Overhaul Your Lead Generation Results

What Is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy?


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy to gain new potential clients for B2B organizations. Instead of focusing on the traditionally wide target audience, such as a specific industry or certain geography, the marketing and sales functions collaborate to select a list of key potential clients with perfectly fit characteristics for client conversion.

Each of these potential names is then assigned to a specific account. The goal is to personalize the marketing/sales experience based on the account, or sometimes the individual specifically.

As decision-making in the B2B marketplace is done by multiple functions in the organization, this ABM approach focuses on a maximum conversion rate through hyper-personalization.


What Is the Need for ABM?

In the past few years, B2B marketing strategies were mostly reliant on the concept of inbound marketing, which is like casting a wide fishing net, spreading various types of content e.g., social posts, videos, podcasts, and whitepapers across the media and hoping a potential client will “bite” the bait, therefore contacting you to receive more information. It is a process similar to fishing, but what if you are interested in catching yellowfin tuna only? Unfortunately, this widespread strategy may yield various types of fish without guaranteeing that you will catch a single yellowfin tuna. Thus, when you are going after organizations of a very specific type – your potential clients – or even a specific company or individual, an inbound strategy is inefficient. For such cases, Account-Based Marketing is recommended.


What Are the Steps of ABM Strategy?

What Are the Benefits of Using ABM Marketing?


How Successful is ABM?

The marketing community enthusiasm surrounding ABM may lead some people to be skeptical about its benefits. However, the statistics all point to the same conclusion: adopting ABM leads to enhanced growth for businesses.

To explore this further, consider the SiriusDecisions’ 2019 State of Account-Based Marketing Study (requires registration), which recently measured ABM’s impact.  Organizations measuring ROI indicated the following metrics:

ABM ROI Benefits

When asked about how long it takes to see progress, the FlipMyFunnel’s 2018 State of Account-Based Marketing report indicated that over 50% of the respondents saw results within 6 months of implementation (see the diagram below).

ABM ROI period

These facts demonstrate why ABM has become the new industry standard for B2B marketers.


How Can Direct Objective Assist You With ABM?

Defining and implementing ABM presents many challenges, and Direct Objective is the perfect partner to work with in order to overcome them. Here are a few ABM domains that we can assist you with:

    • Define the strategy of ABM
    • Research and compile a list of ABM accounts while collecting and mapping contact data within those accounts
    • Personalize and tailor marketing content aimed for the key contacts of each account
    • Develop campaigns that can be transferable across accounts with minimal changes
    • Implement MarTech tools to automate the ABM process
    • Extract data, analytics, and ROI reports
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Contact Direct Objective today to define your ABM strategy and deploy Account-Based Marketing to see ABM success!


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Angie Velarde, Former Senior Marketing Specialist at The Canadian Payroll Association (Now at The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association – CATA)