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Effective Business Sales Presentation Tips

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Some companies invest most of their marketing budget into reaching new clients. But once they manage to secure a lead, they find they do not have an effective business sales presentation to showcase their offerings- something critical to converting clients. What are the sales presentation tips that you need to know?

Business sales presentations have changed quite dramatically in recent years. Here are some of the new trends, as well as some good sales presentation tips:

    1. Fewer face-to-face business sales presentations – Online communication has made it much easier to give business sales presentations long-distance. Face-to-face meetings are no longer necessary, and there is no need to book expensive flights across the country. Given the flight security issues that have appeared since 9/11, it is much more convenient to conduct a business sales presentation remotely.
    2. Slide sequence, the key to success – Quite often, I will see a client’s presentation that has all the ingredients for success, and yet it just does not work. Much of the time, it is due to the slide arrangement. In order to have a truly effective sales presentation, it is important to develop a logical slide sequence that the target market finds understandable and relatable.
    3. Make it short and sweet – Clients do not have the time to listen to a long business presentation. Avoid corny sales pitches and get to the point. Introduce the main idea right away, then elaborate, delving  deeper if your prospect is interested.
    4. Use visuals, diagrams, and the latest technology – Many complex ideas can be easily explained with an image, graph, flash animation, or even a brief video clip. Invest in tools to facilitate the work of your sales team.
    5. Personalize the presentation to your specific audience – Your prospects should feel that the presentation is specifically geared towards them. Research shows that the more you tailor your business sales presentation to the needs of prospects, the greater the likelihood that your presentation will be perceived as valuable.
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Using the latest technology and applying these sales presentation tips will help you  retain valuable sales. Consult with us to learn how you can get great results with your next business presentation.


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